How One Mom’s Idea Became a Fast Growing Franchise Opportunity


One of my favorite things to watch my kids do is use their imagination. Put aside the iPad, the iPhone and the Xbox and pull out the Legos. There’s nothing quite like listening to the sounds of a pretend fire truck coming from my son’s mouth and the enchanting sound of a rainbow-colored unicorn from my daughter. My kids think they’re playing (which they are) but they’re also spending precious time doing hands-on learning.

From the time my oldest was able to play with Legos, I would encourage him to build things to help him develop his fine motor skills. I realized the importance early on of allowing my kids the room to create and explore using the ideas they came up with. Not only did it occupy them with something fun to do, it gave me some quiet time!

As my kids have gotten older and entered elementary school, I have learned a lot about the different learning systems like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). Both of these programs are now state mandated which means they are a required part of our child’s educational curriculum.

Laura Coe, a mom from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, came up with the idea to incorporate STEM-based learning through Legos in a company she and her sister created called Snapology. Laura came up with the idea to develop a brick and mortar store where kids could come and learn through play. With two sons of her own, she said she felt like there wasn’t anything like this for them to experience so she started her own company in 2010.

Each activity at Snapology is themed: computer animation, sports, robotics, animals and outer space are examples of what they offer their students. Their goal is to “stimulate creativity and spark an interest in learning,” explains Laura. “Activities are designed to reinforce the state core standards being taught at every grade level.” U.S. News & World Report released an article about a study that showed the importance of emerging technological programs having a positive impact in the classroom.

Snapology has become so popular that it’s now become a franchise opportunity. There are 56 franchises in the United States and in five countries and Little Rock, Arkansas has just been added to the list of areas where there will be one available to open.

Opening your own business can be a scary thought but with the right mentoring and sufficient amount of support, you too could open your own Snapology location. Snapology currently offers 60 different programs, including birthday parties and camps. If you’re interested in owning a piece of this company but you don’t think you’re ready to commit to a brick mortar you have the option of developing a mobile site where Snapology takes its hands-on learning program to schools, day cares, after-school clubs and so on.

I love the idea of doing “Birthday Parties to Go” where the folks at Snapology come to you. They bring all of the necessary materials, guide your children through the programs and voila! You have an-house, built-in birthday party.

What I love most about the idea behind a company like Snapology is the inclusiveness with the special needs community. There is a direct link between STEM-based learning and children with special needs that creates a positive experience. In this article, you can read about the many different benefits this type of environment has the development of special needs children.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you ever thought about opening your own franchise? This might just be the perfect opportunity.