My Book Has Arrived!

It will be exactly one year this December that I was on the phone with my publisher, talking about wanting to write a book. Although I wrote the book over a three day period – it has taken an entire year to see it come to fruition. I could not be more proud to share with you my debut book, “I See You;” my true account of raising a child who has behavioral issues and what that looked like for our family.

I didn’t stop there, though. In the second half of the book I talk about how I went from an overwhelmed mom to a mom who was more in control of her feelings and actions. I help guide you along with a few resources I came up with when I was figuring out how to be less stressed. I have included simple worksheets and ABC scripture cards to get you started on your own path to living a less overwhelming life.

My reason for writing this book is simple. I wanted to write the book I had been looking for while trying to help my son and, I needed to do the actual writing down and documenting of our story so I could see how far we’d come. It’s been a long, struggling, stressful several years for our family and this book is my way of wrapping it up and sharing with you all – the raw, honest and, yes, sometimes hard-to-read truths of raising a child who requires extra attention.

I’m nervous. I’m nervous about sharing my hard parts of life with you but I’m hoping another mom will feel less lonely after reading my book. I want moms everywhere, to know that this is hard. It’s tiring. It’s worth it. All of it.

You can purchase “I See You” right here on my website.

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