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Christmas is over but I wanted to share some of the fun things I made this holiday season so you can order some of your own stuff for any upcoming birthdays, events, etc. you might have coming up!

The folks over at Paper Mart were gracious enough to send me some fun stuff to decorate my house with and wrap my presents in. I’m pretty picky about the type of wrapping paper I use. Seriously. I don’t like the cheap stuff that rips at every corner and causes me more stress than necessary when getting gifts ready to be enjoyed by friends and family. Paper Mart’s wrapping paper is some of the best if not THE BEST wrapping paper I have ever used. It never ripped and it was thick enough to cover even the oddest-shaped gifts. I got more compliments on this paper on Christmas morning from my family than I had anticipated. They have all sorts of colors and patterns – not just holiday.

I also made these cute paper straw ornaments using Paper Mart’s straws. It was one of the easiest crafts I have ever done and they turned out perfect. I put some on my tree to use as ornaments and the rest I used to decorate my friends’ gifts with. They were a hit! Check out my article in Connection Magazine on how to make these.

I also ordered some of their clear cello bags to put my baked goods in. I like the fact that there are A LOT of bags that come in each order. None of this 10-bag count thing. These bags would be perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc. They have all sorts of designs and of course, they have the clear bags if you’d like to dress them up yourself with ribbons and bows. I will be using what I have left of these bags for my kids’ Valentine’s Day parties at school.

And there you have it! Check out Paper Mart’s website when you’re shopping for your next event if you want something convenient and shipped right to your doorstep.

xoxo, Megholiday-layout-1

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